Monday, March 1, 2010


Last week, on 25th februari, STPM result 2009 came out. many ex-student came to school to get a result. i'm very interested to know how their feelings and what their get among 2 years done STPM. on that day, a lot of impression i had seen. i can't imagine what happen when my turn on next year. i had some lesson and i realised to make some planning for helping me focus in my study and achieve my target. i have to change bad attitude and become good girl on my sweet nineteen (coming soon). more than that, last day i online 'ms' and seen that my ex-classmate in primary school took a medical course in some university. i don't know she study at which university but i'm very sure that she become a doctor someday. i'm very shocked and ashamed to myself. another that i feel jealous with her successful achieves. sometimes, i proud with her and i had some spirit to forces myself for achieve my ambition ! good luck to myself.

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